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Welcome to the world of marine beauty
Your skin is an ecosystem ... respect its nature

Working closely with renowned specialists, Thalgo's Research Centre is the undisputed world expert in marine-based skincare, with over 50 marine active principles identified, extracted and concentrated into exclusive ingredients with unrivalled properties. Each Thalgo product is a concentrate of marine effectiveness, created according to stringent standards of performance, total affinity with the skin and with an objective of creating the ultimate sensory experience.

Beauty Girl proudly uses Thalgo products for many of its luxurious and effective facials, and is able to supply a full range of retail products for home use -

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Purifying daily home care range ... cleanse and energise

Cleansing ritual for normal-to-dry skin
Soft, velvety finish ... clearer complexion

  • Gentle Cleansing Milk 200ml  RRP $52.40  $47.16
  • Beautifying Tonic Lotion 200ml  RRP $52.40  $47.16

A formula combining mild cleansing surfactants, allantoin and plant oils naturally high in essential omega fatty acids perfectly removes all traces of make-up, dirt and pollution while preventing skin irritation and drying.

Extensive user testing has proven the Gentle Cleansing Milk and alcohol-free Beautifying Tonic Lotion to be safe and well-tolerated by skin and eyes. This dual cleansing ritual leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

Beauty Girl Tip: Apply the Gentle Cleansing Milk with a cotton pad or fingertips, then remove any remaining impurities with the Beautifying Tonic Lotion.

Cleansing ritual for sensitive skin
Face and eyes ... for even the most sensitive face

  • Micellar Cleansing Water 200ml  RRP $59.80  $53.82

This micellar cleansing water, formulated with micro-bubbles called "micelles", removes all traces of impurities in a single step.

Formulated without fragrance and perfectly safe for sensitive skin and eyes, Micellar Cleansing Water removes all kinds of make-up, excess oil, and pollution, while preserving skin lipids, leaving the face clean and clear.

Micellar Cleansing Water is the perfect cleansing ritual for sensitive skin, whether at home or out-and-about.

Beauty Girl Tip: Apply to the entire face using cotton pads. Follow with a spray of Reviving Marine Mist.

Cleansing ritual for normal-to-combination skin
Clarifies ... tones

  • Cleansing Cream Foam 125ml  RRP $59.80  $53.82

This luxurious cream transforms into a rich and structured foam on contact with water for a unique sensory experience that is indulgent, fun and provides perfect cleansing.

Packed with plant amino-acid derivatives and dual surfactants, the Cleansing Cream Foam is highly effectively for removing impurities.

With special surfactants for cleansing that are gentler than conventional surfactants, this foam also provides high rinsability for effective cleansing and make-up removal that preserves the structural integrity of skin proteins.

Beauty Girl Tip: Wet hands and work into a lather before applying to the entire face, morning and/or evening. Rinse with clear water.

Cleansing ritual for eyes and lips
Single-step removal ... all make-ups

  • Express Make-Up Remover 125ml  RRP $59.80  $53.82

The special formulation in this lotion instantly and effectively removes the most stubborn make-up without rubbing.

Supplemented with a powerfully moisturising emollient, all eye and lip make-up formulas are dissolved, even waterproof and long-lasting types, with optimal eye safety and increased skin tolerance.

Formulated without fragrance or surfactants and tested under ophthalmological supervision, Express Eye Make-up Remover is also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Its oil-rich formula cares for the lashes by preventing friction and traction, while Pro-Vitamin B5 protects and strengthens lashes.

Beauty Girl Tip: Soak a cotton pad in Express Eye Make-up Remover and apply to the eyelids, lashes and even the lips.

Cleansing ritual for make-up-free skin
Cleanses ... refreshes

  • Foaming Micellar Cleansing Lotion 150ml  RRP $67.30  $60.57

When not wearing make-up, the skin needs to be freed of toxins and impurities such as dust, pollution, oxidised oil and skin cells, etc, which it is otherwise unable to eliminate.

As light and airy as sea foam, this cleansing mousse effectively cleanses the skin with its micellar (micro-bubble) surfactant complex.

Micelles have a core which traps organic dirt particles and excess oil to rid the skin of impurities and dust.

Beauty Girl Tip: Apply a small amount into the palm of the hand and apply to clean damp face morning and/or evening. Rinse with clear water and follow with a spray of Reviving Marine Mist.


For clear, bright and glowing skin

Exfoliating ritual for dry and sensitive skin
Exfoliates ... brightens

  • Gentle Exfoliator 50ml  RRP $82.20  $73.98

Perfectly suited for use on dry and sensitive skin, Gentle Exfoliator has a gradual, gentle and protective dual exfoliating action.

Phytic acid chemically breaks persistent intercellular bonds and promotes skin renewal.

Smooth, ultra-gentle Jojoba wax microbeads mechanically clean away dead cells with no risk of abrasion. On contact with the skin, these microbeads nourish the skin by gradually releasing lipids essential to epidermal protection and integrity.

The Gentle Exfoliator leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Its fresh, indulgent texture glides on like a rescue balm, smoothing any rough patches and removing impurities for a radiant and velvety complexion.

Beauty Girl Tip: Use once a week on damp skin, focusing on areas of the face where the skin is thicker (forehead, nostrils and neck).

Exfoliating ritual for normal-to-combination skin
Exfoliates ... reveals radiance

  • Refreshing Exfoliator 50ml  RRP $82.20  $73.98

The multi-sized microbeads in this ultra-fresh gel exert a triple mechanical exfoliating action to reveal the radiance and softness of normal-to-combination skin.

Ultra-fine almond shell particles less than half-a-millimetre in size clean away impurities and superficial dead cells. Medium-sized exfoliating grains of Silica powder polish thicker areas of the skin and those clogged with oil or clusters of dead skin. And fossilised ocean micro-algae comprised of particles only visible under a microscope smooth and refine the skin texture.

Beauty Girl Tip: Use on dry or slightly damp skin, once or twice per week depending on skin thickness, shine and opacity.

Exfoliating ritual rejuvenation for dry, normal, combination skin
Smoothes ... evens

  • Resurfacing Cream 50ml  RRP $89.80  $80.82

Enriched with Shea Butter and with its fragrance-free formula, this resurfacing agent is suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin, to restore radiance and treat irregularities and fine lines.

The Resurfacing Cream features powerful active ingredients inspired by a dermatological technique known as microdermabrasion, recognised for its exceptional skin-renewal benefits.

Aluminium Oxide microcrystals similar to those used in medical treatments smooth rough skin. This rejuvenating skin-renewing effect is supplemented by a seaweed extract which helps the skin capture and retain water deep in the epidermis, leaving the skin velvety, plump and smooth.

Beauty Girl Tip: Use once a week on slightly damp skin, avoiding the eye contour area, lips and nostrils. Rinse with clear water.


Energises ... remineralises

  • Reviving Marine Mist 150ml  RRP $74.70  $67.23
  • Reviving Marine Mist 50ml  RRP $26.30  $23.67

A new beauty step for every morning and evening to leave the skin revitalised, plump, beautified and more resilient. This is the first step in any skincare routine and an essential gateway between cleansing and application of skincare products (moisturisers, serums, concentrates, creams, masks, etc).

This genuine sea spray boasts outstanding regenerative properties with 27 essential nutrients packed into each droplet to create the perfect environment for skin cells.

Daily mineral supplementation leaves the skin moisturised and plump, its texture refined. The complexion looks radiant and refreshed, the skin tone more even. Minerals and powerful antioxidant micronutrients protect the skin from harmful free radicals, pollution and other toxins. Soothing, moisturising and regenerating nutrients help to reduce the sensitivity of the skin and its reactivity to irritants. Increased resilience to discomfort brings out the radiance and beauty of the skin and all its qualities.

Beauty Girl Tip: Hold the nozzle 50cm from the face and with closed eyes spray all over the face on clean skin, morning and night before applying skincare cream. Leave on for 1 minute and then blot with a tissue before applying your skincare product.



Moisturising Source Marine
For dehydrated skin and dull skin ... infusion of moisture and light

  • Hydra-Marine 24H Cream 50ml  RRP $104.40  $93.96

A rich, melt-in cream which provides long-lasting hydration and revives radiance.

Beauty Girl Tip: Suitable as a more intense night cream or during the day for drier skin; apply after your cleansing routine.

  • Hydra-Marine 24H Gel-Cream 50ml  RRP $93.70  $84.33

A fresh and light-textured version of the 24H Cream.

Beauty Girl Tip: Suitable for normal-to-combination skin; apply in the morning and/or evening after cleansing.

  • Hydra-Marine Serum 30ml  RRP $118.90  $107.01

A fresh, melt-in gel that helps reactivate the skin's natural detoxification process to restore the clarity and brightness of the complexion.

Beauty Girl Tip: A miracle solution for lack of radiance, suitable for normal-to-combination skin; apply after cleansing and before your regular skincare cream.

  • Absolute Hydra-Marine Concentrate 7 x 1.2ml  RRP $91.70  $82.53

A 7-day intensive programme to deliver unparalleled hydrating power in record time for extremely thirsty skin.

Beauty Girl Tip: Typically for those under 40-45 years old; use a half-vial each morning and evening, before applying your normal moisturiser.

  • Absolute Radiance Concentrate 7 x 1.2ml  RRP $91.70  $82.53

A 7-day express beauty enhancer for corrective treatment of all the visible signs of ageing or dull and tired skin.

Beauty Girl Tip: Great for older skin (over 40-45 years), but also as a "special occasion moisturiser" for anyone needing a quick boost to achieve radiant, glowing skin; apply half of a vial in the morning and the other half in the evening, under moisturiser.

Moisturising Cold Cream Marine
For very dry and sensitive skin ... repair, protect, comfort

  • Nutri-Soothing Cream 50ml  RRP $104.40  $93.96

Skin care that effectively repairs, soothes and replenishes for 24 hours; intensely nourished, the skin becomes soft, supple and comfortable.

Beauty Girl Tip: Apply morning and evening to feel immediate benefits and to enjoy the delightful scent of white flowers.

  • Multi-Soothing Concentrate 7 x 1.2ml  RRP $91.70  $82.53

A 7-day skin treatment course that the tolerance of sensitive skin, resulting in a significant reduction in discomfort, redness, itchiness and burning.

Beauty Girl Tip: Over the course of a week, use a half-vial each morning and evening before your moisturiser.

Moisturising Anti-Ageing
Smooth, fill, lift, regenerate ... dare to defy time

Collagen Range

  • Beauty Girl Tip: For smoothing, from 25 years old.
  • Collagen Cream 50ml RRP $125.10  $112.59
    A rich ultra-hydrating cream that acts at the source of wrinkles and fine lines to smooth them and prevent new ones forming.
    Beauty Girl Tip: Apply morning and evening to the face and neck. 
  • Collagen Concentrate 15ml RRP $145.40  $130.86
    Ultra-concentrated Marine Collagen serum that instantly smoothes first wrinkles, leaving your skin looking matte and feeling velvety soft. 
    Beauty Girl Tip: Apply morning and evening before Collagen Cream. 
  • Collagen Eye Roll-on 30ml RRP $82.80  $74.52
    The cooling, massaging effect of a metal ball applicator combines with a concentrate rich in decongesting and invigorating active ingredients to smooth fine lines and diminish puffiness and dark circles. 
    Beauty Girl Tip: Apply morning and/or evening from the inner corner of the eye outwards, then pat until any excess product is absorbed. 

Hyaluronic Range

  • Beauty Girl Tip: For filling, especially from 35 years old.
  • Hyaluronic Cream 50ml RRP $149.20  $134.28
    A youth-restoring force, this cream is for erasing fine lines and filling deeper wrinkles, as if combating them from the inside.
    Beauty Girl Tip: Apply morning and evening to the face and neck. 
  • Hyaluronic Mask 50ml RRP $89.80  $80.82
    A cooling, re-plumping gel mask that works on the entire face, smoothing and filling deep wrinkles.
    Beauty Girl Tip: Apply to the face and neck, leave on for 20 minutes, and then rinse. 
  • Hyaluronic Filler 15ml RRP $116.30  $104.67
    A cell booster, this precise filling serum is applied directly to the deepest wrinkles using its special fine-tip applicator for an amazing and instant smoothing effect.
    Beauty Girl Tip: Apply morning and evening to each wrinkle. 
  • Hyaluronic Eye-patch Mask 8 pairs RRP $89.80  $80.82
    Instantly diminish visible signs of fatigue in the eye area by plumping, smoothing and refreshing the eye contour area.
    Beauty Girl Tip: Use as often as necessary by applying to the eyes for 10 minutes. Increase effectiveness by storing this product in the fridge. 

Silicium Range

  • Beauty Girl Tip: For lifting, especially from 40 years old.
  • Silicium Cream 50ml RRP $173.10  $155.79
    For normal-to-dry skin, a rich and creamy-textured cream that fills wrinkles, nourishes skin, and makes skin firmer while lifting features.
    Beauty Girl Tip: Apply morning and evening to the face and neck. 
  • Lifting Correcting Day Cream 50ml RRP $193.80  $174.42
    For normal-to-combination skin, this gel-cream with exquisite sensory properties restores the skin's natural firmness, elasticity and toned appearance, while visibly smoothing wrinkles.
    Beauty Girl Tip: Apply morning and evening to the face and neck. 
  • Lifting Correcting Night Cream 50ml RRP $206.40  $185.76
    This rich cream optimises the skin's natural nocturnal regenerating power to target the visible signs of ageing and fatigue, while improving the skin's tone and elasticity.
    Beauty Girl Tip: Apply in the evening to the face and neck. 
  • Lifting Correcting Eye Cream 15ml RRP $119.40  $107.46
    This targeted cream, reinforced by a duo of highly refreshing ingredients, is highly effective against signs of ageing by smoothing deep wrinkles and reducing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles
    Beauty Girl Tip: Apply morning and/or evening by patting from the inner corner of the eye outwards. 

Moisturising Bath Pebbles
Effective skin-moisturising ... while indulging in luxurious pleasure

  • Lagoon Water Bath Pebble  RRP $12.67  $11.40 each

A true beauty treatment, Thalgo's effervescent Lagoon Water Bath Pebbles combine the relaxing power of their active ingredients with the pleasure of a lagoon-blue bath and delightful aquatic aromas reminiscent of tropical atolls.

Beauty Girl Tip: Lie back in water at 37°C and place a bath pebble behind your back - the pebble will instantly start releasing hundreds of relaxing micro-bubbles.


Post-hair-removal Biodépyl

Anti-regrowth and ingrown hair treatment ... soothing and highly effective

  • Anti-Regrowth Solution 6 x 5ml  RRP $79.00  $71.10

For use after all types of hair removal, including waxing and shaving, so that skin stays soft and beautiful for a longer period of time.

Helps diminish the vitality of new hairs after depilation to slow hair regrowth; hairs grow back more sparsely and are visibly finer and shorter.

Beauty Girl Tips: After waxing - apply on the day of waxing and then for the following 3 evenings. After shaving - apply after shaving and then every 2 days afterwards, in the evening. After IPL or hair removal cream - do not apply on the day before or the day of treatment; apply the day after, and then every two days afterwards, in the evening.

  • Anti-Regrowth Solution - Sensitive Areas 30ml  RRP $47.50  $42.75

Outstanding solution for sensitive areas, which slows down hair regrowth and significantly acts on density, length and thickness.

For sensitive areas of the face and body, and for people whose skin is normally sensitive after hair removal, the delicate areas are immediately soothed and remain smoother for longer.

Beauty Girl Tips: After waxing - apply on the day of waxing and then for the following 3 evenings. After shaving - apply after shaving and then every 2 days afterwards, in the evening. After IPL or hair removal cream - do not apply on the day before or the day of treatment; apply the day after, and then every two days afterwards, in the evening.

  • Target Ingrown Hairs 30ml  RRP $56.90  $51.21

Treat ingrown hairs, backing up the action of Biodépyl Anti-Regrowth Solution, while also preventing hair regrowth beneath the skin.

The non-oily formula leaves the skin supple and fresh.

Beauty Girl Tips: Treatment - apply at night directly to the target area until the hair has broken the surface of the skin. Prevention - apply at night to the entire area after hair removal, 3 to 4 times a week. Caution - test for skin sensitivity on first usage and avoid exposing treated areas to the sun on the day of application.


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