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Beauty Girl Ltd
03:08:31 02/10/2018
Need to restore radiant, soft and supple skin? Thalgo's wonderful Hydra Marine 24hr Cream is for you. With its luxurious but light texture and 24-hour moisturising potential, this gel-cream is a perfect combination of effectiveness and sensory pleasure. And that's the reason why our customers adore it!

This and other fantastic Thalgo Source Marine products available at Beauty Girl at very competitive prices:

Beauty Girl Ltd
05:15:57 08/07/2018
Beauty Girl's 60-minute Source Marine Facial utilises these wonderful Thalgo Ultra Hydra-Marine Masks to deliver a fantastic facial that is just what your skin needs to counteract the damaging effects of inside heating and outside cold this season.

Beauty Girl Ltd
00:53:12 29/04/2017
Thalgo Collagen Concentrate, Collagen Eye Roll On and Collagen Cream. Amazing anti-ageing products to smooth fine lines and wrinkles in gorgeous new packaging.

Special pricing available from Beauty Girl, too. For example, 50ml Collagen Cream: normally $125.10, Beauty Girl price $112.59! Or 30ml Collagen Concentrate: normally $145.40, Beauty Girl price $130.86!

Beauty Girl Ltd
21:43:34 16/04/2017
A wonderful Thalgo cleansing product available from Beauty Girl: Foaming Micellar Cleansing Lotion. As light and airy as sea foam, this cleansing mousse effectively cleanses the skin and frees the epidermis of impurities. A cleansing ritual for all skin types, and also one that is especially good for a cleanse for times when you do not wear make-up.

RRP $67.30, but available for $60.57 from Beauty Girl.

Beauty Girl Ltd
05:52:01 26/03/2017
All new pricing on Beauty Girl's website product page. Lots of mouth-watering price reductions, too!

Although there are a lot of wonderful products to choose from to meet each individual's needs, my personal favourite is the new pricing for Thalgo's fantastic Anti-Ageing range.

As well as Thalgo's great skincare, all of my other products are listed there too, with pricing - Dr. Hill skincare, Tend Skin after-wax, St. Tropez tanning and Durance home products.

Just give me a call, or send a text or email if anything catches your attention or if you have any questions - I would love to hear from you!
Beauty Girl stocks a range of premium products including Thalgo, Dr Hill, St. Tropez, Durance and Tend Skin.

Beauty Girl Ltd
19:19:50 11/03/2017
Thalgo's wonderful Reviving Marine Mist has a new formula to moisturise, revitalise, plump and refine skin texture. This genuine sea spray boasts outstanding regenerative properties with 27 essential nutrients packed into each droplet to create the perfect environment for skin cells. In Thalgo's words, "a trio of highly bioavailable magnesium, zinc and copper kick-starts mitochondrial respiration, boosting energy levels within each cell."

I just love using this product for myself and my clients love it when I use it on them during facials, too!

Beauty Girl Ltd
04:38:56 25/02/2017
We are very excited to introduce a whole new range of fantastic facials at Beauty Girl, with choices to suit all skin types and a range of budgets.

Beauty Girl now offers two wonderful Thalgo Heart of the Ocean Rituals facials: the Source Marine Facial (60 minutes, $80), typically for normal or dehydrated skin; and the Cold Cream Marine Facial (75 minutes, $90), typically for sensitive, dry or very dry skin.

Alternatively, we now have two Thalgo-based facials exclusive to Beauty Girl: the Signature Facial (60 minutes, $75), an all-round facial for most skin types; and the Signature Deluxe Facial (90 minutes, $95), which combines two wonderful facials including a glycolic peel into one.

For more information on the facials and all treatments, see This page also contains information on small adjustments to Beauty Girl's pricing - the first change in 3 years.

Sarah would be delighted to make a treatment booking for you: just call or text (021 2974703), or email

And, remember, Beauty Girl is open at hours to suit you!
Beauty Girl provides facials, waxing, manicures, eye care, massage, body scrub and tan, salon-only skincare products, treatment packages, consultation

Beauty Girl Ltd
03:38:18 23/01/2017
Beauty Girl is back up and running for 2017 with some new specials ( and we're also kicking off the year with wonderful free gifts for some lucky customers!

For those who love their shoes and have admired the desk and wall calendars that are on display in Beauty Girl's salon, here's a chance to win your own.

All customers who have had a treatment in January or have made a booking for a future treatment will have their names put in a draw to win one of the two gorgeous 2017 shoe calendars shown in the attached photos.

And, what's more ... just +1 this post and Follow Beauty Girl's Google+ page to increase your chances of winning.

Good luck!

And Happy New Year to all Beauty Girl's friends and clients.

Beauty Girl Ltd
06:39:44 05/03/2016
I'm very pleased to be supporting Ngaio School Gala with a voucher for one of Beauty Girl's lovely 60-minute Thalgo Moisture-Quenching Facial treatments. Wishing the best to @Ngaio-School for Sunday 13th!

Beauty Girl Ltd
00:58:59 28/02/2016
I'm delighted to be back again and available for appointments. My sincere thanks to all of my lovely customers and I can't wait to catch up with you again soon.

I'm celebrating with a free eyebrow shape with any Brazilian wax or with my wonderful Dr. Hill glycolic peel and mask facial, which is just what summer-ravaged skin needs!

I look forward to hearing from you, hope you'll be in touch.
Call, email, or visit Beauty Girl now to find out about the great beauty therapy treatments available to you, backed by extra special service.

Beauty Girl Ltd
07:07:15 14/01/2016
If you would like some lovely rose-infused hand cream or you're in need of some salon-only cleansing products for different types of skin, Beauty Girl has some great product specials on right now.

Durance's Rose Essential Oils hand cream is 25% off RRP and there are two different types of Thalgo cleansing packs at 50% cheaper than equivalent retail for the individual items!

Check out Stocks limited.
Limited-time special offers from Beauty Girl.

Beauty Girl Ltd
01:42:31 18/07/2015
At this time of year, moisturiser just may not be enough. If your skin needs moisture replenishment from constantly moving between the cold outside and heating inside, Beauty Girl's 60-minute Thalgo Moisture-Quenching facial is just what the doctor ... um, beauty therapist ... ordered!

And at the moment I have a special that also includes an eyebrow shape at no extra charge.

Check it out at
Limited-time special offers from Beauty Girl.

Beauty Girl Ltd
20:57:39 09/05/2015
Well a very special special is available from Beauty Girl for anyone after a premium cleanser and toner combination. Thalgo's Youth Essentials duo pack consists of two extra-large 400ml bottles - one Pure Velvet Cleansing Cream and one Super Lift Tonic Lotion.

Thalgo very rarely releases packs like these and they are incredibly good value for such high-quality products: half the price of the equivalent amount at normal retail!

Stock is strictly limited though ...
Limited-time special offers from Beauty Girl.

Beauty Girl Ltd
07:26:21 28/04/2015
It's all about mobile devices these days. Over the last month, for example, 1 in every 3 visitors to Beauty Girl's website visited on a smartphone.

And Beauty Girl has gone fully mobile! We now have a dedicated mobile site which is designed for all brands and screen sizes -

This is a full-functioning site with all of the same features as the main website like specials, contact details, treatment menu, gift vouchers, etc, packed with additional mobile-specific features to make it really easy to use.

You can visit the mobile link directly or your phone will automatically redirect when you visit the main site. And there's always an option to go back to the full site if you prefer.

Hope you'll give it a try!

Beauty Girl Ltd
22:59:41 25/04/2015
Some great Mother's Day gift ideas at Beauty Girl. Two lovely treatment packages for mum on my Specials page that are also great value for you.

A 60-min premium Thalgo facial, a 30-min relaxation massage and an eyebrow shape for $100 (save $36).

Or a 30-min relaxation massage and an eyebrow shape for $50 (save $16).

Plus lots of little gift ideas such as indulgent Thalgo bath pebbles or Durance home perfumes.
Limited-time special offers from Beauty Girl.

Beauty Girl Ltd
07:01:17 10/01/2015
Wellington's summer combination of sun and wind can be pretty tough on the delicate skin on your face. Beauty Girl has a special that's just the antidote - a 60-minute Dr Hill Glycolic Peel & Mask Facial, with an eyebrow shape included at no extra charge.

Also perfect for summer, don't forget my famous Brazilian wax plus free eyebrow shape!

And remember, I'm available at hours to suit you.
Limited-time special offers from Beauty Girl.

Beauty Girl Ltd
06:49:18 23/12/2014
It's a difficult time of year to get beauty therapy appointments, but not with Beauty Girl!

I am available for appointments any time of the day from Tuesday 30th December. Just contact me (call, text, or email) and I will be very happy to book you in.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Call, email, or visit Beauty Girl now to find out about the great beauty therapy treatments available to you, backed by extra special service.

Beauty Girl Ltd
06:57:14 02/11/2014
It can be a challenging time of year, so why not let Beauty Girl help a bit?

Whether it's for yourself or as a unique Christmas gift voucher for someone special - perhaps even a corporate gift or staff reward - Beauty Girl has lots of wonderful treatments, including a limited-time special on the amazing Thalgo Hydra-Moisture Source Facial.

On my Products page there are also lots of gift ideas, including many skincare options and the lovely Durance range of home fragrances, soaps, linen perfume, drawer scents and candles. There are even some unique Christmas stocking fillers such as the fantastic and very popular Thalgo Bath Care Pebbles. At the moment I also have some Thalgo Cleansing Trio Packs on special - 50% off equivalent retail price as well as a bonus exfoliating disc for free.

Or, if you would just like to talk about some ideas, I would love to hear from you.
Limited-time special offers from Beauty Girl.

Beauty Girl Ltd
21:12:38 26/10/2014
Hi everyone - I'm back!

I've had a wonderful time away in Italy, but am now looking forward to catching up with my friends and clients again.

Thank you to everyone who has been so inderstanding about my having a few weeks off and for those of you hanging out for your next appointment, I look forward to receivng your call!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Beauty Girl Ltd
03:58:38 20/07/2014
Like many others around Crofton Downs, I'm sure, I was very pleased to see that Go Wellington has at last discovered our little suburb and we are now on a regular bus route; Line 47, which is the one that runs between Newtown, via the CBD and the western suburbs, to Johnsonville. There are two new bus stops on Churchill Drive, at the new Countdown and very near the intersection with Chartwell Drive, which leads to Downing Street ... and Beauty Girl!
So for those who feel like utilising public transport and then a bit of a stroll to Beauty Girl, there are some options in addition to catching the train to Crofton Downs station (and a bit closer, too).
I'm easy to find! Just check out my Contact page ( has all the information.
Call, email, or visit Beauty Girl now to find out about the great beauty therapy treatments available to you, backed by extra special service.
021 2974703
91 Downing Street, Crofton Downs, Wellington, 6035, New Zealand
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